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Health Tested Parents

​All of our breeding dogs are genetically health tested through Embark and Paw Print Genetics. This is an imperative step to ensure we don't pair dogs that could pass genetic diseases down to pups. Our dogs are also certified through OFA for elbows, eyes and heart. Hips are evaluated either through OFA or PennHIP.

Our puppies see the vet for their first round of vaccines, microchips and checkups prior to leaving us for their forever homes.


Handling & Curriculum

​We start ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) at 3 days old. Benefits of ENS include kickstarting neurological development, improved cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. ESI fosters nose awareness and confidence.

Starting at three weeks old, we transition to a more expanded curriculum for our puppies. Each day, we incorporate a 10-step puppy massage, gradually intensifying the pressure as the weeks progress. This involves a series of handling exercises, spanning 10 steps, designed to expose our puppies to diverse touches, handling techniques and sensations. This encompasses contact with the eyes, nose, inside of the mouth, around the collar, tummy, along the back, gentle tail pulling, ear tugging and nail tapping. This continues until the day they leave us for their forever homes.

Also at three weeks, we initiate socialization for our puppies, exposing them to various sounds, sights, textures and interactive elements. The goal is to offer a stable and enriching environment throughout their first eight weeks. Our approach focuses on empowering rather than enabling, encouraging them to conquer daily physical and mental challenges. This builds their nerve strength, confidence, and problem-solving skills.


Temperament Testing

​Temperament testing occurs at 6 - 7 weeks. Puppies are individually run through a series of exercises and evaluated on 12 traits. The test assesses these important temperament traits, ensuring that you find a puppy aligning with your lifestyle and needs while respecting their individuality. After completing temperament testing and veterinary checks, we send evaluation videos along with scorecards for those on the list to view and aid them in their decision-making process in determining which puppy is right for them.